The Infinite Campus (Parent Portal)

The Infinite Campus Gradebook is a parent portal system where parents can view student grades and other important information. Access The Infinite Campus Gradebook: To proceed to the Infinite Campus parent portal see link to the right. Parents/ Guardians, to Update Contact Information see form under Links Help: If you are having trouble logging in, please contact Hannah Beal at 970.384.5700 For Parent Portal Usage Instructions in both English and Español see Links. How Teachers Use the Online Gradebook: Teachers use the gradebook in different ways, but all teachers will update the gradebook mid way through each quarter and at the end of the quarter so that you can track how your student is doing. Have a question? Contact your child's teacher.


Schoology is a new online learning management system designed to make it easy for teachers to post updates, files, links, resources, due dates, rubrics, quizzes and assignments for students. Teachers can interact easily with students here, and students can hand in class assignments, check class assignments, or access resources for their classes. Teachers are using this system to varying degrees. Your student knows which classes use it and how to log in -- have them give you a tour of their course content.

See Links for Directions in both English and Español