Donate to CMS

Here you'll find opportunities to donate to CMS Projects. Your donations as always are greatly appreciated.

Donation Opportunities

Carbondale Middle School Opportunities for Donations:

International towne is a one-of-a-kind educational program offered to our 7th graders to help teach students about global economics through fun, hands-on, experiential learning. $1500 whole class

Ameritowne is an award-winning educational program offered to 5th and 6th grade teachers to help teach students about business, economics and free enterprise in a fun and hands-on way. $1200 whole class

Outdoor Education-Support class activities on outdoor education- Anything from Arches National Park tours, rafting trips, Leadville Historic site tours, or Denver Museum of Science Exhibit tours. $500 an activity

Technology in the classroom- $300 a chrome book for research stations in Science and Social Studies and math practice- IXL and Khan Academy in the classroom

Scholarship students for after school Academic tutoring- $100 a student for a year of support

Scholarship students for sports- $50 a student per season

Library books- Any and all donations to build our non-fiction resources and Update our current Teen fiction sections

Recess equipment- $200 for recess balls and equipment

Drama/Theater production –50 students in the Winter production of Olympus- the story of the Trojan War from the Greek Gods' perspective $100-$1000 contribute to production costs

Picnic Table for lunch outside - $800 a table

Brainology-is a computer program offered to 5th graders that raises students' achievement by helping them develop a growth mindset. When students have a fixed mindset, they believe their intelligence is just fixed—they have a certain amount and that's that. This mindset makes them afraid to look dumb and curtails their learning. But when students have a growth mindset, they understand that their intelligence can be developed. Instead of worrying about how smart they are, they work hard to learn more and get smarter. Brainology makes this happen by teaching students how the brain functions, learns, and remembers, and how it changes in a physical way when we exercise it. The program shows students that they are in control of their brain and its development. Most important, Brainology shows students how to apply this lesson to their schoolwork. It gives them a practical set of skills and strategies for tackling academic challenges. $1500 for the grade level