CMS's Approach to Class Groupings

-CLUSTER MODEL for heterogenous classes- look at each individual student’s needs and strengths in order to place them into appropriate groups or clusters. Clusters of students are then grouped together in a classroom to ensure that the balance of mastery levels is not too broad in scope for that class.

-However in math, it is critical for students to demonstrate solid understanding and application of sequential skills to progress. Students who have shown mastery of those skills will be prepared to accelerate or move more quickly through the curriculum while other students may need more time and practice to master certain foundational skills.

Students at Carbondale Middle School have opportunities for the appropriate amount of challenge, choice and support in their mathematics instruction. Our elementary, middle, and high schools are working together to ensure our curriculum is aligned for smooth transitions from school to school as students progress towards graduation and beyond. Our Math Pathways document will explain our math alignment.