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       This year, we are excited to implement a new curriculum in our

classrooms called SpringBoard Literacy. This curriculum will guide literacy instruction in grades 6 through 11 in English/Language Arts classrooms across the district.

       The curriculum committee (made up of teachers from all the middle and high schools in RE-1) chose SpringBoard because it not only aligns to the Common Core standards, but because it is a pre-AP curriculum aligned with CollegeBoard as well. This alignment will allow more students to access the rigorous AP and CMC classes during their junior and senior years of high school to gain college credits before graduating.

With SpringBoard, students will be challenged to strengthen their writing, reading, and critical thinking skills with a variety of thematic texts.  SpringBoard also focuses on teaching students the self-reflection skills necessary to challenge themselves, revise their work, and deepen their learning as they continue to grow academically. SpringBoard is meant to increase the rigor of a classroom, and will require students to spend considerable time reading complex texts and writing thoughtful responses or creative pieces. Daily effort is essential for success!

       As parents, you can do a lot to help your child succeed this year. Check in with your child to make sure they are not falling behind in their worktexts in class, and ask them to share with you our learning goals from the day. Encourage them to use the complete set of Internet resources, which they can access through SpringBoard Online. Remind them that just because the material is challenging does not mean they are failing. Meeting and overcoming challenges is a necessary part of becoming a lifelong learner, which is a valuable skill outside the classroom.



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