PAC meeting Minutes                                               9/10/14

  1. Shared CMS Data Summary from 2014.
    1. Discussed current goals in progress:
      1. Incorporating Habits of a Scholar
      2. Students monitoring their own progress- district testing, common assessments, habits of a scholar- to increase student agency
      3. Developing outdoor /experiential education outcomes through crews
      4. Improving our daily schedule that:
        1. Works within our Budget
        2. Increases instructional time and planning
        3. Offers enrichments/specials to all students
    2. Increasing communication with Progress Reports/Grades through       Infinite Campus
  1. We identified future topics of interest:
    1. How we could create a greater variety of specials and a schedule to allow for more variety
    2. Fundraising options.  Suggested-box tops, wreaths and poinsettia sale, refreshment sales at games
    3. Learning how teams are giving grades
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