PAC minutes from March 5, 6pm

Attendance: Debbie Bruell, Christie Jensen, Karen Thompson, Mandy Brennan, Sara Porter, and Jennifer Lamont

1. School Counselor programming- gathered feedback on highlights of the program and suggestions for future

2. CMS Unified Improvement Plan- shared results from 2012-2013, discussed goals and action steps for upcoming year

3. Communication- School BLOG, new website, and communication from family teams to parents

4. Next steps regarding community visioning process. Shared current school wide inter-disciplinary programming.

5. Shared the work teachers and BLT are doing regarding our school culture. Parents provided feedback. We collected positives and suggestions regarding the elements of culture at CMS-

*Values, assumptions, beliefs- effort and mindset

*Ceremonies and Rituals- discussed desire for EXPO nites, changing awards from 5/6 –TAGS to something else in 7/8, ways to share out recognition

*Physical Culture- Playing Art up, picture displays- video/slide show

6. Feedback collected regarding homework, planner use with regards to impacting executive functioning skills and increasing communication from teacher to parents and parent to child

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