$11.     School Survey-

Student surveys will be administered the week of January 27th. As a source for feedback on teaching, student surveys are the most reliable and accurate source of information. In fact, well- constructed student surveys are more predictive of student achievement gains than administrator observations. That was one of the findings of the Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) project, a multi-year study of teaching effectiveness led by some of the nation’s top universities, research organizations, and teacher associations.

The surveys build on the work of Ronald Ferguson, a Harvard professor of economics and expert on closing the achievement gap, who has been studying the relationship between certain teaching practices and student learning. Ferguson founded the Tripod Project to develop a set of classroom-level surveys to assist teachers and schools with planning and self-improvement.

At the foundation of the project is a conceptual framework, the 7Cs, which form the basis for effective teaching: Care: Show concern and commitment.
Confer: Invite ideas and promote discussion.
Captivate: Inspire curiosity and interest.
Clarify: Cultivate understanding and overcome confusion. Consolidate: Integrate ideas and check for understanding. Challenge: Press for rigor and persistence.
Control: Sustain order, respect and focus.

Teachers will receive individualized reports on how students perceive their classroom experience and will be able to analyze the results by demographic groups, and to compare their results to those in other schools and the district as a whole.

To ensure reliability and confidentiality, the district has contracted with Panorama Education, a data analytics company that assists with survey design, administration, reporting, and analysis.

$12.     District Communication Priorities:

1a.     Parent Newsletter- (9 issues)-Third Friday of every month, 40-50% of hits, 10% Latino

1b.     Creating a Parent Handbook, Latino Community Resource Guide, Graduation insert, State of our schools report

1c.     Are you getting our Team newsletters?

1d.     Website template

$13.     Website

1a.     Exemplars: Fairview High School, Our district: Roaring Fork High School

1b.     What would you like to see on our website?

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