Interior Remodel

In addition to the construction of new spaces such as the Makerspace, Design/ Build Lab, one new classroom, many spaces are either moving entirely or getting a complete makeover including: the auditorium, media center (the “Heart of the School), music/ band room, art room, cafeteria, counseling and health offices, new teacher collaboration and workroom space, a new foyer and front entry/ main offices. New furniture and lockers will complement general improvements to fire sprinklers, windows, carpeting and flooring, HVAC and mechanical repairs, and wall painting are also scheduled. 

  • Please Note: New Entry Procedures: CMS will be renovated to create a new Safe & Secure main entry where all non-student and non-staff members will need to be buzzed in to access the building via a main office window. We understand this change may take some adjustment in the beginning and we will communicate the new procedure to you in advance of the first day of school.


Exterior Remodel

All exterior grounds are closed this summer. The traffic and parking lots will undergo a complete overhaul this summer. In addition, CMS will also receive a new basketball court, new landscaping, new cafeteria courtyard, and outdoor learning space.

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