Dear Parents,
We can’t believe that it is February! We have several things coming up in the next few months that should be a lot of fun for your child! We are planning a local field trip to the Aspen Art Museum towards the end of this month. We will send updated information and permission slips once we have that finalized. Our overnight field trip to Denver is also coming up in March. We will leave on Wednesday, March 8th and return Thursday, March 9th in the evening. We do need your help with our trip to Denver! If you are interested in being a chaperone, please email me (Jennifer Berry, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). We also need some snack food to take with us to Denver when we go. We need snacks like cookies, brownies, etc. These need to be individually wrapped since we may not be all together in the same place at the same time. Again email me (Jennifer Berry, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you are interested in helping with snacks.

We have taken advantage of a great opportunity to visit the Aspen Art Museum and Aspen Center of Environmental Sciences on Friday, February 24th. The Aspen Art Museum will be providing lunch for us. Please be on the lookout for a permission slip with the medical authorization form.

Social Studies Update for Mr. Martinez
In social studies the students are completing their summatives for the second half of our Belief Systems unit covering the Abrahamic Faiths. The Students are being assessed with a Socratic seminar, tiered paragraph expository writing piece, and Abrahamic Faith quiz. The Socratic took place last Friday (2/3), the expository writing will be due on Thursday (2/9), and the quiz is this Wednesday (2/8). As before students will be able to reassess the Abrahamic Faith quiz until they demonstrate proficiency. Students may only reassess during lunch or recess until this Friday 2/10. Starting next Monday we will be moving on to our next unit Enduring Achievements which focuses around Antiquity, which includes ancient Greece, Rome, and China. On top of historical content we have started to add various economic pieces that the students will be learning the second half of the year. Currently they are working through a stock market simulation with buying and selling actual stocks. Please feel free to help your student with the simulation. Also, your student will be assigned two NEWSELA assignments a week. Please help them stay on top of those assignments. Students are able to resubmit a NEWSELA assignment if the first attempt did not achieve proficiency.


Language Arts Update for Mrs. De La Sala
Students are finishing their falling action and resolution to "Amigo Brothers". Ask your student to share their writing with you. We will complete a Dictado on punctuating dialogue since I saw a pattern of errors in that area. We will begin reading "Tangerine" and will complete a few writing assignments:

Comparing and contrasting(Tangerine Theme vs Bad Boy Theme)

How a character's choice shows his/her character.

Literary Analysis Essay: How did one character's choice affect the development of the main character?
Please ask your student if they are working on the extensions that are posted on Schoology. There's an opportunity for them to enter a writing contest.

Math Update from Mrs. Kaufmann
7th grade math is currently working through Module 3: Expressions, Equations, and 2-Dimensional Geometry. Classes A and C are in topic B, writing and solving equations. Students in these classes will be sharing their Module 2 tests and their Module 3 topic A test at SLCs. These classes will be wrapping up with topic B in the next week.
Class D is working on topic A, writing and simplifying variable expressions. We will wrap up this work with a test within the next week. Class D will bring their Module 2 tests to SLCs.
Class B will take their topic B test, on equations, this week. They will then move on to 2-dimensional geometry, including composite area and circle geometry. This last topic, topic C, should only take a week and a half before we take the end of module assessment. We will then move on to Module 4: Percent. Class B will bring their Module 2 tests and their Module 3 topic A test to SLCs.
Homework includes weekly Khan Academy or IXL assignments and alternating weeks of problem solving assignments. All homework assignments are kept on Schoology, so your child should be able to log-in to Schoology to show you their homework progress. Their homework grade should be 100% if it is complete.
Amy Kaufmann

Science Update from Ms. Ravenscraft
With Ms. Raven’s guidance, students recently filled out 3rd quarter science progress reports. Progress reports contain data including; 1) student’s current comprehension of our evolution learning targets, 2) student’s habits of a scholar & 3) academic choices. Students were instructed to discuss progress reports with their families and get a parent’s signature, for homework on Friday, February 6th.

*Please note, if your child was absent during last week’s quiz, they might lack a progress report as there is no formative data.

Please, encourage your student to bring home their science binders this week. Our end of unit evolution test is this Thursday, February 9th. Students know which learning targets they need to practice further, based on last week’s progress reports.

To study students should complete the evolution practice test, study on quizlet & review our evolution notes. If further clarification is necessary consider watching these youtube videos; Natural Selection, Evidence of Evolution, What is Evolution to bolster your understanding.

ELA Update from Ms. Berry
This month, we will be learning how to construct an argumentative essay. Some of the topics that we will be learning about are healthier school lunches, vending machines in school, school uniforms, violent video games and bullying in the school cafeteria. The final essay will be about bullying in the school cafeteria. Then we will start our class novel, Tangerine by Edward Bloor.

Please make sure that your child is reading at least 30 minutes every night! This can be a book that he/she chooses.

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