Hello Parents!
Just another reminder to send in Christmas cards with your child to Ms. Berry so we can complete our service learning project for the 7th grade. The students will be filling out these cards at the end of this week so they can be sent overseas to our service men and women who are serving our country and cannot be with their families this Christmas. Thanks!

Our Book Fair in the library will run from December 2-12. Please stop by and take a look around! There are some amazing titles and ideas for gifts!

Science Update from Ms. Ravenscraft
Science students will begin the week reviewing structures & functions of cell organelles.

Students should memorize the structures and functions of the following organelles; cell membrane, cell wall, cytoplasm, chloroplast, mitochondria, goli, endoplasmic reticulum, vacuole, lysosome, nucleus.

*** Your student can use this quizlet to study. Students will also be required to label the various cell organelles. Attached is a cell organelle identification game your student can use to study.

Tomorrow, students will begin to design cell analogy posters. Here is a basic example of what students will be designing. Attached is the assignment students will be given time to complete in class. If students are unable to complete the assignment in-class, they will be expected to complete their assignment at home. Cell analogies will count as a test grade. Various modifications will be made in class for different learner types.

Complete cell analogy posters will be due Monday, December 5th at the beginning of class.

Math Update from Mrs. Kaufmann
7th grade math classes are split between Module 2: Operations with Rational Numbers and Module 3: Variable Expressions and Equations. Classes A and C have wrapped up their work with Topic A in Module 2, adding and subtracting rational numbers. They are working on multiplying and dividing rational numbers and should be finished with this and taking their end of module assessment, which determines their grade, by next week. Class D is working on adding and subtracting rational numbers and will take the Topic A test this week. Class B will take the end of module 2 assessment, which is grade-determining, early this week and will begin Module 3 after that. Module 3 begins with writing and evaluating variable expressions and then writing and solving equations.
This week’s homework will be IXL, due Saturday. Classes A and B will also have a problem solving assignment this week.
Thank you,
Amy Kaufmann

Social Studies Update from Mr. Martinez

Before Thanksgiving Break we concluded our Survive and Thrive Unit with two summative assessments. These were the Egypt Quiz and Egypt DBQ Tier One Paragraphs. We are now moving on to our Belief Systems Unit. Over the next three weeks we will cover the Eastern Philosophies known as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. Students will learn the basics of each philosophy as well as how they have affected history in the Eastern Hemisphere. A Quizlet with possible test questions is already available for students to begin studying with for our test on Friday 12/16.

Each week I have been assigning two NEWSELA articles as outside homework. The first is assigned on Monday and due on Wednesday and the second is assigned on Wednesday and due on Friday. Other than everyday classwork feel free to check in with your student about the completion of their NEWSELA assignments as well as study progress with the Eastern Philosophy Quizlet.

Mr. Martinez


Antes del Descanso de Acción de Gracias concluimos nuestra Unidad de Sobrevivir y Prosperar con dos evaluaciones sumativas. Estos fueron el Egipto Quiz y Egipto DBQ Tier One Paragraphs. Ahora estamos pasando a nuestra Unidad de Sistemas de Creencias. Durante las próximas tres semanas cubriremos las Filosofías Orientales conocidas como Hinduismo, Budismo y Confucianismo. Los estudiantes aprenderán los fundamentos de cada filosofía, así como cómo han afectado la historia en el hemisferio oriental. Un cuestionario con preguntas posibles de la prueba ya está disponible para que los estudiantes comiencen a estudiar con para nuestra prueba el viernes 12/16.

Cada semana he estado asignando dos artículos de NEWSELA como tarea externa. El primero se asigna el lunes y el miércoles y el segundo se asigna el miércoles y el viernes. Aparte de la clase diaria, siéntase libre de consultar con su estudiante acerca de la finalización de sus asignaciones de NEWSELA, así como estudiar el progreso con el Quizl de Filosofía Oriental.

Sr. Martinez

ELD Update from Ms. De La Sala
Students are finishing their character analysis essay and then will jump into persuasive letter writing. Ask your student to show you their 5 paragraph character analysis essay!

ELA Update from Ms. Berry
We are starting a new unit this week. This unit will focus on how advertising influences the choices of our youth. The students will be working towards writing a feature article that discusses the essential question, "What role does advertising play in the lives of youth?"

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