Hello Parents!
Just a reminder that our big fundraising event started last week with the sale of wreaths and poinsettias. Thanks for all the hard work you all have been putting into this so far. It is greatly appreciated! Make sure to have your child bring the money and order forms in often so we can collect the money and track the orders.

Science Update from Ms. Ravenscraft
The end of first quarter is rapidly approaching. Students end of unit exam is Friday, October 14th. Practice test are due Wednesday, October 12th. Students have been encouraged for the past week and a half to complete their practice test for homework and visit Ms. Ravenscraft if they have questions. She is available before school and during lunch/recess when not assigned recess duty.

Students who displayed the executive skills and perseverance required to complete the practice test on-time earn two privileges; 1) they earn a retake (if Friday's test does not go as well as they would have liked) and 2) they earn a set of practice-test answers, which they can use to study for Friday's exam.

Please encourage your student to finish the quarter with a positive, growth mindset.

Math Update from Mrs. Kaufmann
We are wrapping up module 1 in 7th grade math. Class B will take the end-of-module district assessment on Monday. Class A will take the assessment early this week and Class C will take it later this week. Class D is working on fractional rates. Our next module is about integer and rational number computation. We will start with integer addition and subtraction and before applying these concepts to rational numbers, then move on to multiplication and division. Students will be learning how to play the Integer Game in math, and can bring home a copy to teach and play with family members.
This week’s homework will be in Khan Academy and classes C and D will have problem solving #3 due on Friday.
The end of the quarter is quickly approaching. Mr. Martinez continues to hold homework help on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school for students who need time to catch up on outstanding work or problem solving revisions. I am available at lunch/recess and after school this week for help.

Social Studies Update from Mr. Martinez
In social studies we are quickly wrapping up our work before the end of the quarter. Please continue to check grades on Schoology and use homework club these last couple of weeks before the quarter ends. This past week, the students completed their document analysis of their first DBQ of the year. After the analysis, we proceeded to have a Socratic seminar answering the essential question of the DBQ—‘Was the code of Hammurabi just?’ We have now begun our expository writing piece to conclude our examination of the Code of Hammurabi. The students have been asked to write a tier one paragraph stating their position and defending it. This Friday will be the second exam of the year, and will cover characteristics of civilization and Mesopotamia. We will then move to a brief survey of the Indus Valley Civilization before starting the second quarter with Egypt and the Nile.

Mr. Martinez

7th Grade Boys Basketball:
I will be holding a team meeting on Monday 10/10 during recess; anyone who is interested in playing basketball is invited to attend. This meeting is to distribute important information about the season and will cover all aspects of the season. I will hold a similar parent meeting following practice on Monday 10/24. Athletes will receive a packet that includes; expectations for the season, athlete/parent agreement form, a calendar, and emergency card. The athlete/parent form and emergency card will be returned to me. Athletes will need to submit a physical and payment to the front office. To help keep things organized, I have created a Schoology group as a central place for information. Also, a Remind group text message has been setup for important text message blasts. I’m very excited to work with your son this season.

Mr. Martinez

ELD Update from Mrs. De La Sala
ELD (English Language Development)

Students will be revising their personal narratives. We will complete a Dictado focusing on the reflection paragraph. Students will analyze similarities in English and Spanish in a model concluding paragraph. We will focus on transitions, subject/verb agreement, prefixes and cognates(words that are similar to Spanish). We will read,"Why Couldn't I Have Been Named Ashley" and learn looping strategies to revise the middle.

ELA Update from Ms. Berry
We just finished out unit on personal narratives. We are starting our next unit on Mythology, Fables, and Creation Stories from around the world. The students will begin this unit by reading several Greek Myths about Phaethon, Daedalus and Icarus, and Arachne. As we read about these characters, the students will begin to think about and plan their own illustrated myth.

Make sure to remind your child to read an independent book every night for at least 30 minutes. The quarter is coming to close next week and your child needs to have read between 6-8 books to stay on track with our 30 Book Challenge.

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