Hello Parents!
We just want to remind you that our after school Homework Help starts this week! It will run after school until 4:15 on Tuesday and Thursday in Mr. Martinez's room. This week we will only have Homework Help on Tuesday! As part of our Crew, we check in on our students and advise them with their academics. This is done once a week. Most of the teachers are posting grades in Schoology so the students know how they are doing in their classes. Feel free to ask your child if they would pull up their grades at home so you can both look at them and keep up on grades and missing work.

We are also sending home a packet for our Smiles for Students Dental Program through Garfield County. If you could please take the time to read through the information and return the signed permission forms as soon as possible.

ELA Update from Ms. Berry
We are working on composing a personal narrative based on a choice we have made, what the consequences were and the lesson we learned from this incident. The major focus with this assignment is the revision process we use as writers to improve our writing.

We have read several personal narratives from characters in books as well as from autobiographies and memoirs. We are analyzing how the authors are using words and language to help them tell their story and keep us interested as readers.

Science update from Ms. Ravenscraft
Our current unit of study is: Separation of Mixtures using the Physical Properties of Matter.
Students have already examined the following learning targets:

1) Categories of Matter
2) Pure Substances verse Mixtures
3) Heterogenous verse Homogenous Mixtures
4) Physical Properties of Matter (density, solubility, magnetism & boiling points)
5) Real World Applications of Mixture Separation

This week student began by examining density in greater depth.
On Friday, students did a density of soda inquiry which tested whether diet or regular coke had a greater density. This lab allowed students to practice using triple balance beams to measure mass & graduated cylinders to measure volume.
Monday, students did a density of candy bar inquiry which tested (AND PROVED) that density is a proportional rate. This lab linked directly to concepts students are covering in Mrs. Kaufmann's math class.

From here we will continue to examine solubility, magnetism, boiling points and the roles these physical properties play in separating real world mixtures.

*** Please remind your student; in order to earn a 4 on their report card they will need to complete the Quarterly Extension, in addition to earning primarily 4s on summative assessments. The quarterly extension can be found of schoology. Students will have some in-class time to work on the extension (granted they are displaying proficiency at current learning targets). Students will need to do some out of class work to finish the quarterly extension.

Math Update from Mrs. Kaufmann
We have an exciting year of 7th grade math standards ahead of us and I am so excited to be underway! We are working through our first unit on ratios, rates, and proportional reasoning. This unit is divided into three Topics, each with their own test. Topic A involves finding and comparing unit rates, identifying proportional relationships in graphs and tables, and finding the constant of proportionality in proportional relationships. Period B finished the Topic A test on Friday and Periods A, C, and D will be taking it this week. Period B will begin Topic B this week, writing equations with unit rates from tables and words.
Homework is assigned at the beginning of the week and consists of IXL or Khan Academy, due Saturday. This year, I am having students submit their completed work in Schoology. This allows you, parents, to see what your child has for homework and what they may not have finished. I also assign a ‘Problem Solving’ every 2 to 3 weeks, due on a Friday. Last week periods A, B, and C were assigned Problem Solving #1 and this week, Period D will receive this assignment.
If your child needs extra work for the week, I have extension problems they can choose from and they can work on their 7th grade math ‘mission’ in Khan Academy. Khan Academy also has videos that can be useful for your child if struggling with homework.
I am available at lunch/recess during weeks I do not have recess duty and after school on all days except Wednesdays if your child needs extra help.

Thanks so much!

Social Studies Update from Mr. Martinez
Next week in Social Studies we will conclude our first unit-- Social Scientists. We have been reviewing the 5 Themes of Geography from 6th grade and will have our first test on Friday 9/16. The test will be administered on Schoology. Students will be allowed to retake the test if they do not get the desired grade that they want on the first attempt. The students have been reviewing a Quizlet to prepare for the test, which is available to them through Schoology. We will spend portions of next week’s class reviewing as well. All work and notes that have been completed in class are also available on Schoology. As far as class work, we will complete the Lorax, Human Environment Interaction, and Location portions of the 5 Themes of Geography during the first part of the week. The following week we will begin our examination of river civilizations through the theme of Survive and Thrive. We start with Mesopotamia followed by Egypt and the Indus River Valley.

ELD Update from Mrs. De La Sala
Students are working on their personal narratives about choice which will include an incident, response and reflection. They will be reading texts that include these narrative elements so they understand what their own writing should look like.

This week students are learning about Collaborative Strategic Reading which is a tool they will use while reading text. We will read, "Dust Tracks on a Road" by Zora Neale Hurston and implement the preview strategy as well as 4 fix up strategies they can do when they get to a word that they don't know.

In addition, we will work on the prefixes (dis, mis, in, and im) and their meanings. Please ask your student about what their narrative will be about. Students should be reading at least 30 minutes each night in order to meet the 30 Book Challenge.

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