Parent Advisory Committee

Please join a group of committed parents working together to make our kids' years at CMS as great as they can be. The meetings are open to all CMS parents (translation provided). We have 4 scheduled evenings beginning at 6:00pm.
September 26th: CMS Strengths, Goals and Action Steps
December 14th: CMS Climate
February 15th: Developing a Sense of Belonging
April 12th: The Coming Year, Next Steps

Please visit our website at We will continue to share information on our website as well as our grade level newsletters.

CMS's first PTO meeting will be September 26th, at 7:00pm. Contact Lorri at 970-456-9958 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information! Hope to see you there!

We need volunteers!! Please help us run our CMS Wreath and Poinsettia Fundraiser or consider volunteering regularly in our Library!
Contact Lorri at 970-456-9948 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and she'll put you to work!

Math Update From Mrs. Kaufmann
We are now half-way through 1st quarter and are coming to the end of our first module in math: Rates, Ratios, and Proportional Relationships. Class B has finished their Topic B test, on writing proportional equations, and are in the final topic of the module, rates and equations with fractions. I anticipate that class B will be wrapped up with module 1 by the end of the week.
Classes A, C, and D are finishing up with equation writing and getting ready to take their Topic B test. I give frequent exit tickets to help students correct misunderstandings and know that they are on the right track in math. The topic tests are a good checkpoint for students to know how they are doing relative to the standards. I expect students to correct these and re-assess if they are not proficient so they can learn from their mistakes. The final Module 1 test will be administered by Schoology and will determine student grades.
This week’s homework will be in Khan Academy. Students can log in to Khan Academy with their rfschools accounts, select ‘progress’, then ‘coach recommendations’ to find this week’s work. It needs to be submitted to Schoology by Saturday, 10/01 in the afternoon. Classes C and D will also have their Problem Solving #2 assignment due in class on Friday.
Homework help with Mr. Martinez, on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, has begun. I am also available to help students during lunch/recess when I do not have recess duty, and after school.
Thanks so much!

Social Studies Update from Mr. Martinez

We are continuing our work with river civilizations this week and next. So far we have covered what it means to be a civilization and the 5 characteristics of civilization. We have also started working towards the first of many Socratic seminars. These seminars will be implemented throughout the year as we work through the curriculum. After we have completed our first Socratic seminar, we will begin examining the first known law code also known as the Code of Hammurabi.

During our study of the law code the students will see the first of many DBQ’s (Document Based Question) of the year from an excellent resource known as the DBQ Project. During our study of the law code, we will cover topics such as what is justice?, significance of laws within society, and the students will form their own opinions about whether or not the Code of Hammurabi is just. During the DBQ I will sprinkle in major achievements of Mesopotamia to provide historical context. Following our study of Mesopotamia, the class will briefly cover the achievements of the Indus Valley Civilization. Afterwards just as the quarter is ending we will have our second summative test covering both Mesopotamia and the Indus River Valley civilizations. The test will have similar formatting to the first along with a Quizlet for review and the opportunity for test corrections.

So far attendance for Homework Club has been great. It is a great place for students to get their work done as they begin working on time management around all the wonderful activities they are involved in and outside of school. It is also a great time to get caught up on work for anyone who is absent. We definitely view Homework Club as a way to support the kids rather than a punishment.

Also, I will be coaching 7th grade boys basketball this year and I’m greatly looking forward to that opportunity. I’ll provide more details as well as signing students up for the Schoology group I’ll be creating as a central place for information for all of you.


Mr. Martinez

ELD Update from Ms. De La Sala
Last week students created their own writing rubric after analyzing exemplars. Students will be drafting a personal narrative about a choice that they made. We will be working on revising strategies.

ELA Update from Ms. Berry
We are winding down our unit on writing a personal narrative about a choice. The students composed their first draft, worked with a writing partner to revise their draft. This week we will chunk out their personal narrative and work on different strategies to revise their writing. Next week, the students will meet with a writing group for a final revision and edit before submitting it for a final grade.

Science Update from Ms. Ravenscraft
In science, students continue to examine how the physical properties of matter can be used to separate mixtures. Most recently students began examining solubility and it's role in mixture separation.

Please encourage your student to be familiar with the following vocabulary; matter, pure substances, homogenous mixtures, heterogenous mixtures. mass, volume, density, physical properties, magnetism, solute, solvent, solubility, saturation point, particle size, boiling point.

This week we will be completing a solubility lab. Then we will begin examining the roles solubility plays in mixture separation. Next we will examine boiling points and their role in mixture separation.

Please remind your student that the quarterly extension is due on Friday, October 14th. The quarterly extension must be completed in order to earn a 4 (advanced) on your report card, in addition to earning primarily 4s on in-class assignments and end of unit assessments. Another reason to work on the quarterly extension, is that it can bump up a students grade.


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